martes, enero 15, 2008

Decisión para Vivir

Hail people of Iceland / Journey of a land anew / Ram as our liaison /Vision inspire and move /Awe holy island / Breed the lagoon to run free /Raw beauty is ruthless within the golden ring / Precision of Grungir / Spear of the Norse God Odin / Praise our Pagan Father / Founder of the Althing / Given decision to live / Not taken / The flight towards the light / I'll stay in the lava for life / Erupting when gods take us all / Changing the peaks makes us pour / From the mountain and burn / The path of our time /Ruler of sky's thunder / The honourable warrior /All divination / Beware the Hammer of Thor

Lava goddess
Ice and fire
Settling down
Ocean Geysir
Heimaey '73

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